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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NTN?

The National Tennis Network (NTN) is comprised of local area Chapters that provide a forum for local adult tennis members to play competitive, fun and fair tennis within their local area. The focus of NTN is adult tennis members (men and women ages 18 to 90+). The primary goal is to provide an ongoing enhanced tennis experience (singles, doubles, mixed-doubles play). It operates similar to a non-profit organization re-investing continuously to improve the tennis members' experience within NTN on a local level through community based area Chapters.

How do I become an NTN Member and what does it cost?

Simply complete the online NTN Membership info from a link emailed to you from a current NTN Member (NTN Membership is by invitation), or call NTN Customer (Player) Support for more information at 800.NTN.3609 (800.686.3609). The annual cost to become a NTN Member is $79 annually per local area NTN Chapter.

What specifically will NTN provide for its members?

NTN will provide singles, doubles and mixed tennis matches in a local community environment, tennis networking with other NTN members, tennis ladders, tournaments and competitive tennis at all levels.  NTN will also provide a forum to share tennis knowledge via blogs, tennis discussions and group and team pages.

What facilities will NTN use for it's tennis activities?

NTN will work with all available local area tennis facilities and courts to schedule matches and other tennis activities.

What are the responsibilities of NTN Ambassadors?

Monthly Responsibilities & Expectations Of NTN Ambassadors (Members)

- Be a NTN Manager on at least one Team or Group on NTN - the more the better.
- Assist with NTN Levels Of Play (skill assessment) on either a monthly or semi-annual basis.
- Invite a MINIMUM of 5+ new potential local area members to NTN monthly.
- Strive for a invite/sign-up conversion new member ratio of over 50% monthly.
- Assist with local NTN tournaments and functions.
- Introduce NTN (new & existing) members to other NTN Members on an ongoing basis.
- Be active on NTN Discussions and Comments on NTN (encourage other members as well).
- Be active in responding to Wanna Play? postings and playing with other NTN Members.
- Submit photos of NTNers playing tennis - email to Customer Support at NTN.
- Update the status on local courts on NTN - changes, events, keep comments going, etc.
- Utilize NTN Gear & Wear as much as possible - promote this to other NTN Members.
- Recruit and refer potential Sponsors & Resources to NTN - stringers, Physical Therapists, etc.

NTN Ambassadors who exceed expectations will receive bonuses, gift cards, trips and gift certificates for a job well done!

How should NTN Members conduct themselves on the court?

Courtesy and respect is the number one item for all NTNers. Tennis requires courtesy and cooperation to make it a fun experience for every time you step on the court. Please do not make loud comments or yell inappropriately after points are played. Do not throw your racket or use curse words on the court. Do not lose your temper or disrespect your opponent.

NTNers Having Fun