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About NTN Tennis & Local Chapters

I just wanted better tennis more often.

NTN Tennis was founded by myself - Peter Siegel after several years of research (researching the best local tennis options for adult tennis players, or what could be). I have been playing tennis for 50 years (I am 56 now). I am a self professed tennis addict that absolutely loves the game, but wanted something more in my "tennis" life and for others like myself who want the best possible adult tennis experience (fun, fair, & competitive tennis - a lot more often).

I have experienced I believe everything available to adult tennis players - USTA leagues and tournaments, Ultimate Tennis, local flex leagues, Tennis Congress, clinics, lessons, etc. Have read a lot of tennis books and magazines (I am still an avid reader of tennis media), subscribe to numerous tennis channels and instructional "tennis gurus" websites and forums, traveled to numerous tennis facilities and resorts (throughout the USA). Even my off-court fitness training tends to be tennis specific.

I wanted a more comprehensive local area tennis experience for adult tennis players. I wanted to connect with other like-minded adult tennis players in my local area to increase my tennis knowledge and play experience - singles, doubles, mixed, drills, ladders, mini tournaments, etc.

I wanted to not only play more tennis but I wanted to drill more, practice various tennis techniques, and play better tennis more often with other like minded local tennis players. I couldn't find what I wanted so I started my tennis exploration/journey and research to hopefully start an option for like-minded adult tennis fanatics.

What I found on my quest were not options I wanted to settle for since my admiration of the game was off the charts and I wanted so much more (if I was going to do it right!). Thus NTN Tennis was started for local area adult tennis players (through organized local Chapters) who wanted a more complete local adult tennis experience on a YEAR ROUND basis.

What NTN Local Area Chapters Offer Adult Tennis Players:

1. An easy to use Online Website/Portal that connects local area adult tennis players (ages 18+) to not only get more (and better) tennis play but the ability to discuss tennis topics to improve their game. We offer a Fun, Fair, and Competitive atmosphere of tennis play.

2. A Wanna Play? Module on NTN allows Chapter Members to post a request at any time of day for any day and time within 7 days in advance to play a match, work on technique, run some drills, etc. You can request either singles, doubles, or mixed doubles play.

3. The Buddy Me Module on NTN makes it easy for Chapter Members to connect and communicate with other Members you play with often or want to keep in touch with.

4. A proprietary online Messaging System for all tennis activities on NTN. You can see your messages from other NTN members by categories, module type, etc. For convenience, all your tennis communication is in one place and easy to find and use!

5. A year round Flex Ladder (divided into two seasons) with an innovated algorithm that keeps track of points, leaders, scores, etc. NTN flex ladders are held every 6 months for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles - at all levels (you can play at your Level Of Play or up). The Fall/Winter Flex Ladders run September through February. The Spring/Summer Flex Ladders run March through August.

6. String - Stringing Module: Ever wonder when you strung your racquet last or which racquet had what string and tension. The NTN String Module lets you save information about all your stringings like tension, DT, which string was utilized, who the stringer was, date strung, notes about the stringing so you can give feedback if you like or dislike that particular string set up.

7. Groups Module: Do you have that special group you play doubles with every Tuesday at 7PM, or a team that you like to keep in touch and practice with? The Groups Module on NTN offers a group of players to stay in constant touch through: Updates, Discussions, Commenting/Replies, etc Keep in touch with your tennis group online - contact NTN today to set up a Group.

8. My Tennis Journal & Notes Module: This NTN Modules offers NTN Members a place to keep notes about their tennis progression: technique, equipment, mental tips, etc. The Module also has a easy to use Journal to enter notes about anything related to tennis for future review - never forget anything tennis related with this easy to use online tool.

9: Video Upload Module: Ever wished you could upload videos of yourself playing tennis either for technique purposes or in a match - all for later review to see how you played or what you need to work on. Video is a powerful training tool for tennis players to improve and NTN Members receive 1GB of online storage space to upload your videos - you can even share your videos with other NTN Buddies for feedback.

10. General Discussions: All tennis topics are discussed by all NTN Members online: tennis technique, tennis equpment, fitness for tennis, tennis trips and resorts/locations, major tennis tournaments, tennis educational opportunities, etc. Just Sign Into NTN and experience the best Comments and Replies to some of the best Discussion by other players passionate about tennis!

12. Chapter Discussions: These Discussions are Area specific to the local Chapter. Feel free to start or comment on a Discussion pertaining to topics to your local area and tennis happenings. A great way to communicate with other tennis players in your area about all topics relating to tennis.

13. Blog & Articles: The best new tennis equipment, tennis trips, tennis locations and resorts, fitness for tennis, tennis tools, interviews are all available to NTN Members. Members can also discuss the topic with each other online on each blog or article and get feedback from others on the topic being reviewed or written about. NTN Members can also contribute to the Blog/Article Module on NTN.

14. Facilities/Courts Module: A comprehensive list of all tennis facilities and courts are listed in your local area Chapter. Each Facility/Court page has detailed info like: current notes about the facility, contact information, court playing condition, discussions from other Chapter Members about the availability of courts, activity and updates about the facility/courts, etc.

15. NTN Ambassadors: These are NTN Members that are more involved in the organization and help out in numerous ways to advance NTN in their local area. They also help introduce Members (fellow NTNers), assist with local NTN events and keep NTN Local Chapters running smoothly.

Levels OF Play (Player Ratings On NTN)

2.5 to 5.0 - Adult men and women, 18 years and older.

Annual Membership Cost:

$79 Annually Per Chapter Joined

NTN Members must be 18 years of age or older.

Most NTN Area Chapters have between 100 to 1000 Members.

To start a NTN Local Chapter in your area you must have at least 10 to 50 members ready to join. Start-up costs are $1000 - includes a deposit/development fee (you receive your $1000 fee back after the Chapter has added 50 paying Chapter Members). It takes approximately two weeks to set up a new Local Area NTN Chapter. All new NTN local Chapters under consideration must be vetted by the NTN Advisory Board.

Other Entities That Can Become A Local Area NTN Chapter:

Tennis Clubs, Resorts, Hotels, Tennis Facilities can also become a Local Area NTN Chapter - contact us  at 800.686.3609 for more information.

How To Join NTN:

New NTN Chapter Members can join one of two ways. They can be invited in via email by another local NTN Chapter Member or they can call the NTN office at 800.NTN.3609 (800.686.3609) and join over the phone. We take all major credit and debit cards for annual membership dues. All dues are (and organization revenues) are utilized to operate and grow local area adult tennis throughout the USA.

Our Mailing Address:

NTN Tennis
7172 Regional St., #290
Dublin, CA. 94568

Our Phone Number:

800.NTN.3609 - Live Customer Support & Voicemail

Email Us:

Contact / Email Us

Thank you for your support, all of us at NTN appreciate it.

Your NTN Founder, Tennis Addict, and Friend,

Peter Siegel

NTNers Having Fun